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Full of marketing tips, promotional ideas, and branding solutions!



Creative Ideas spell success! Here's just a few of the thousands of ideas we can provide you with your next promotional marketing program.



Building your brand and streamlining the order process of company goods, we have corporate program solutions that work...



Creative Ideas spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S! Here's just a few of the thousands of ideas we can provide you with your next promotional marketing program.

This promotion was designed to increase tradeshow booth traffic at three shows. An oversized postcard was created in a "Connect the dots" graphic and included a traffic ticket. These were printed for each show and mailed out to a targeted attendee list (60,000 postcards total). At the tradeshow, attendees that came to the booth with their ticket inserted it into the light-up traffic ticket reader board to see what they had won. Prizes offered: Multivip, message saver modem or an imprinted Rubik's cube.

The result:
Booth traffic increased by 30%!

Also, to increase sales of their computer products, the client added a sales incentive to their promotion, using Crown Marketing Vacation certificates. The sale of specific computer components by authorized dealers earned them points, which could result in a vacation package prize.

The objective of this safety promotion was to prevent injuries on the job, achieve 30% reduction in claims and $300,00 in paid out losses. The campaign used the acronym, S.E.E.D. for Safety Every Employee's Duty which also tied to the agricultural nature of the advertiser. The kickoff event involved numbered buttons which - worn daily - entitled accident free employees to take part in prize drawings. More than 20 other products were utilized ranging from hard hat decals and key tags to quarterly safety recognition awards such as embroidered stadium blankets and radios. Copy carried out the main theme, "Planting the Seed of Safety and Harvesting the Rewards." Bi-lingual imprinting on products ensured all employees knew all aspects of the campaign and the potential rewards.

The result:
A 67% decrease in claims!

"One hundred percent of the 600-plus employees participated. At the end of the first four quarters, a 67% decrease in recordable claims was achieved," said an official, which was an all-time record.

The objective of this promotion to improve customer relations was to award employees for submitting information which would assist in increasing sales. A Sherlock Holmes theme was developed to inspire 550 full-time and 300 flextime employees to submit "clues" about the company's customers and competitors. Banners and posters announced "You Can be a Sherlock Holmes" at the program roll-out, and buttons with Holmes graphics (hat, pipe and magnifying glass) were distributed along with theme-imprinted stickers to use on envelopes when submitting information. Those submitting one clue received post-it pads reading "from the desk of a certified bloodhound" and an award certificate. For 10 clues, an imprinted Dr. Watson coffee mug was awarded at an employee meeting, and a laser desk plaque with a magnifier was presented for 25 clues.

The result:
Over 400 new submissions!

The advertiser's spokesperson noted that 82 people submitted at least one clue, 16 made 10 or more, and two made 25 or more for a total of over 400 new submissions


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